Our Mission

Zolio’s mission is to give ALL aspiring young investors the chance to discover the investment talent within themselves, as well as give them an opportunity to prove and showcase this talent to the broader industry.  Zolio believes that results should be viewed for their own merit, blind to demographics or background.

Zolio’s objectives are to:

  • Level the playing field for aspiring young investors no matter what their major, prior experience or demographics
  • Uncover this talent not only through a real time trading platform, but also through deeper insights into the participants trading style and rationale
  • Evaluate participants against known success factors
  • Provide firms with the diversity of perspective they seek and are not achieving through their standard recruiting channels

At Zolio, we believe that investment talent can be found in many places and in many different types of people.  We also know that in this global economy, firms are looking for a diversity of talent – diverse in perspective, background, and culture.

  • Diversity of Perspective:  The socio-economic and other experiences and exposures one attains while growing up, attending school, and working lend a certain viewpoint to future situations.
  • Diversity of Background:  Investing skill sets can be found in disciplines such as math, engineering, and computer science, as well as business.
  • Diversity of Culture in the Traditional Sense:  Race and gender

Former Zolio Interns

All requests for employment verification should be directed to support@zolio.com

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