Zolio is Risk-free,
Real World Experience

Zolio is an online trading and educational experience that can last anywhere from one month to 6 months or longer.  Here are some of the unique benefits of Zolio:

The Zolio Trading Platform

Zolio uses a proprietary trading platform with real-time market data to simulate a professional trading experience. The platform was developed by seasoned technologists from leading global hedge funds. Our proprietary platform seamlessly combines trading and trade journaling. By offering real time prices, with no delay, and capturing the rationale  for trading in real time we are able to provide deep analytics and customized feedback on investment skill-sets using some of the latest  research in decision making. We are also able to give you a detailed, certifiable track record that you can use however you wish.


Personalized Feedback Report

A key component of the full Zolio experience is our proprietary profiling tool. The Zolio Profile is an extensive questionnaire that helps answer “What type of investor are you?” and will take approximately 1 hour to complete.  Profile completion is required as part of the full Zolio program, without it, we are unable to customize your personalized feedback report.  It is important to note that the profile is designed in such a way that you will not necessarily know the answers to all the questions. Professional traders are confronted with unknowns all the time. It is important  for Zolio to understand how you address unknowns so that we can give you feedback  that  compares  your profile answers  with your trading behavior.

Learning Center

Zolio has one of the most extensive trading curricula available online which you may access at your own pace. Unique to Zolio is our Market Commentary. Here, industry professionals respond real time to market movements and offer ways of interpreting these moves for your portfolio.  Zolio also conducts webinars with experienced professionals in the investment management industry to offer insights, advice, and market interpretations to enhance your learning. Zolio does not tell you what to invest in thus there are no stock picks; rather Zolio helps YOU discover what type of investor you are and what trading style will work for you.

Risk-free, Real World Experience

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