Zolio Participant Testimonials

96% of Zolio’s Interns would recommend the Zolio internship to someone else who is interested in an investment management career.

Zolio definitely will be a benefit to an investment management career. I have learned so much so far that I can not even put it in words. It teaches you math and investing in ways one could never imagine before. I will definitely use it for my future.

“Ifound many articles in the market commentary useful because I could read predictions of the stock market by experts and then observe how the market actually acted. The articles gave me reasons on why the market acted the way it did and helped me focus on news aspects that had strong effects on stock prices.  Since I began the Zolio internship with no knowledge of the stock market, the very articles targeted to beginners have been most helpful.”

“I love “Zolio Market Commentary” a lot. Every article helps me to understand the reasoning causing the stock market’s up and down, which I think very useful. Also, every Webinar was useful. I learned the aspects we should consider to evaluate a stock.”



Zolio as a Benefit to an Investment Management Career
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The Zolio platform is an accessible platform that includes both a simulation of real-time trading and a Learning Center with a comprehensive library of trading basics and current news articles. [These] different aspects have enhanced my learning experience. In addition to the platform itself, however, Zolio provides excellent additional resources, including the webinar series. I really enjoyed the webinar that I attended. The speaker was easy to understand and really tried to engage the audience by asking us questions and encouraging questions as well. I was also amazed by Zolio’s service. When I emailed Zolio that I was unable to attend a webinar due to a class conflict, they responded promptly and provided me with a link to a recording so I could listen to the webinar at a later date.