Zolio Women's Investment Competition

The Zolio Women’s Investment Competition ran from October 10, 2016-January 27, 2017 and was created as a vehicle for women of all skill levels in investing and finance to try managing money and learn about the stock market in a risk-free way.  The Zolio Women’s Competition awarded over $10,000 in cash and prizes based not only on portfolio performance, but also strength of trading plans, creativity, and level of engagement and resilience of the participants.

Zolio partnered with Fidelity Investments, State Street Advisors, and Wellington Management to offer a local, invitation-only Meet and Greet session. The Meet and Greet was held on February 22, 2017 at Fidelity Investments in Boston. During the Meet and Greet, Competition winners and mentions were recognized and also had the chance to meet with leaders from all of the Competition partner firms.

Meet and Greet event in Boston, February 22, 2017 [L-R] Pavithra Paravatsu, Competition Winner; Olive Darragh, Zolio President and founder; Shaima Ahmadi, Competition Creativity Winner/Performance Mention

Firms represented at the Boston Meet & Greet:



The Zolio Women Competition was a great opportunity for me to test my theoretical knowledge of fundamental and technical investing in practice. As an active participant of this program, I had great exposure to stock markets and learned about factors such as macro and micro economic events and their effects on markets, and learned new strategies to mitigate risks and maximize portfolio return. I also learned that with a solid and proven strategy there is always opportunity to invest and make profit. I greatly appreciate the efforts of Ms. Olive Darragh and the Zolio Team for this great initiative and for helping women to get real world investment management industry experience.

Fun and learned a lot! Website was easy to use!

It was definitely a great learning experience!

It was amazing, and changed the way I thought about things.

“[Zolio] is such a great way to learn about the Investment Management industry in a risk-free manner.  It was such a valuable opportunity that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else! I had such a great time participating in the competition!”

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